Challenge yourself

Sometimes you discover more of yourself when you experience an extra-ordinary adventure. May it change or affect your perspective in life, it depends on you as a unique individual.

Today marks the day that I challenged myself to try a new adventure that lead me to discovering another side of me and that’s travelling solo 4 years ago. Flashed back on the same feeling of mix trembling and fear when I tried couple of mountain climbing and jump off a cliff into the water. It’s a lot of fun to travel and bond with your friends and families but travelling solo is a very different story.

Alone but happy

Indeed, it doesn’t mean you’re lonely when you’re alone and you’re sad when you’re in silence. I took the opportunity to travel abroad on my own; process my visa, search locations, practice basic language and bring my 100% courage with me to SOUTH KOREA. Yes, to the Land of the Morning Calm . Why? Maybe because like you I’m into loving Korean culture — Kdrama, kpop, kculture.

Finding myself

Maybe for other people its an intriguing idea to travel solo. Lots of questions people ask me; Are you serious? Are you not scared? Are you sure? Why are you travelling alone, its dangerous for you. Yeah, I am very much decided at that time, full of courage and wanted to find myself in a place that nobody knows me. It may sounded like “emo but yeah finding my heart and mind its own solace.

Solo struggles and lesson learned

Here are the list I encountered:

1. Do it yourself (D.I.Y) – Its a mix of struggle and challenge since I process it all on my own and did not ask for anyone’s help. I need to do my own research online, watch vlogs of other first time travelers and take note of everything in details ‘coz that will gonna save you if something happen.

2. Low battery – Honestly I forgot to prepare a suitable gadgets and accessories with me. Safely landed Incheon Airport but I’m out of battery at that time. My notes saved me and I successfully reached my accommodation in SEOUL that is about two-hour away from the airport.
Lesson : Nowadays, pictures and videos are very important so you need not to forget to prepare that perfect gadgets.

3. Budget – Since I am on a budget at that time. I refrain from eating at the restaurant and chose to eat at the mini stop or fast food chain. Hahahaha.
Lesson: Save an extra budget on every travel.

4. Korean Won – I am out of korean won which is very important and forgot to activate my card internationally. Although my debit card are functioning, there are terminal machines that cannot able to read it, so still you need cash. Because of that I missed to buy those cute collectables I found in Myeongdong and Bukchon Village.
Lesson: Don’t forget to en cash what you budget into Korean Won at the Incheon Airport. Make sure to activate your debit card/credit card to transact internationally.

5. Lost my directions – one of the funniest memories, I lost my way going down Namsan Tower. My phone was shutdown at that time again so I have no choice but to ask korean people the right direction going to my hotel.
Lesson: Be prepared always.

6. Limited English – Yeah, I got struggled talking to Koreans in English, ‘coz they don’t understand me. They said “No English.”
Lesson: Upgrade basic korean language skills so that you can talk to them fluently if you want.

6. Riding the subway – So funny , I missed to check how to ride the tricky subway. When I lost directions the only option that I have, was to ride a subway. I did not expect that there is no counter with cashiers to buy that beep card that we have here in the Philippines. They only have the machines ( we already have that nowadays) that I dont know how to use. Luckily a young korean boy helped me. So cute. So another struggle is how their subway are functioning??? I need to figure it out myself, my phone could be a big help if its not low-bat at that time. After all the nervousness, stops, transfers and errors I thought I cannot go out of the subway but to make the story short I successfully arrived at Myeongdong Station where my accomodation is located. Hurray I made it!!!
Lesson: Your fully-charged gadget is very important so please, be prepared! Hahaha

7. Survival – My last day in Seoul, and my card was not functioning already. I have no one to help me. I need cash to ride the bus going to the Airport. Almost cried nowhere to go , I’m nervous that I could missed my flight. What did I do??? I’ll post another detailed blog about that but I’am so thankful to that generous man who helped me.
Lesson: Be prepared always. There’s always a good person out there, anywhere.

I am so happy I made it! Came back to the Philippines braver and stronger! Version 2.0 HAHAHAHA.

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Independent Woman

How to be dependent?

A question from an incoming Bride to be. Yes, you heard it right. I have decided to share my world to a person to whom I trust with and who can understand me more.

I’ve used to do things on my own and not depend on other people. Living on my own in the city, working,  away from my family. I tend to keep problems on my own, not letting even my own family knows about it. Usually locked up myself in the wash room just to cry or keep distance with other people if I’m not okay inside.

Over the years I tried to control my emotions by myself. I’m sure that with God’s help I can overcome it.

Its a big adjustment for me since I’m getting married next month. I’ts like its not all about me anymore; Its all about we.


V-Kim Taehyung’s The Starry Night

V-Kim Taehyung member of kpop group BTS love of Vincent Van Gogh’s painting.😍

I was watching BTS Mnet Comeback just this morning and one of the scene catched my attention. I started freaking out!!! Oh my gosh

The Starry Night painting inside V’s room!!😍

Really, I dont know what to say. I was so touch knowing V loves art .I immediately search about it and find out He even tweets about it. I know a little about BTS members profile but I really love them so much.

I dont have active twitter account but credits to the owner

Jimin is actually my bias because of his dance moves and very cute smile. But Vs interest of art touch my heart since I’m into it also. A coincidence that I have Van Goghs famous painting The Starry Night inside my room too!

July 2016

Actually its my trial painting. I love art and tried to paint during our painting workshop at work. We are ask to copy and paint Vincent Van Gogh‘s The Starry Night to practice using Acrylic paints.

The end product is..

Final product after almost an hour painting…

Painting is one way to express your own feelings and of course give a relaxing feeling once your obra maestra are done. I dont know much about V‘s but mine hanging it inside my room gives an extra relaxing feeling. When I woke up in the morning ,it feels like I am staring much more beyond what the painting actually mean. It gives a nature vibe feeling while me living in a city. Green green grass of home like one song says…Additional peace of mine.💗Hope you like it guys!!