Annyeong Haseyo!

A solo travel I do not expect.

Love of literature I think what brought me to the land of the morning calm. Seeing the evolution of kpop trends in the Philippines. Yes, I do love kdramas,  kpop music, I even learned  how to read and write their language (Hangul) way back during College, but the amazing historic places of Korea invites me the most. Its just so lovely and romantic. A perfect place to go on a date with your love one, walk holding each other arms while enjoying the scenic beauty of Seoul or why not a place to propose to someone you love. Nakakakilig diba!!!Talagang mapapa YES ka!


At that time, I am very excited to go in my favorite country not thinking that I am doing it alone. Not thinking what might happen to me if I travel solo. The shocking part is that it’s a travel abroad and you don’t have any friends or relatives in that country. Its impossible, its kinda dangerous to travel in a foreign land especially for a woman like me but I made it! I always ask myself, am I that courageous?

Honestly, I felt the shaky feeling at the time I am ready to go. I am holding my luggage, walking at Naia Terminal Airport asking myself , “Are you serious?” and at the back of my head saying , “Yes, ofcourse I am. I have  prepared a lot. I do research, read various blogs, take note of the do’s and don’ts in Korean culture, even prepared my “Annyeong Haseyo” and “Kamsahamnida” ready and of course my only armor lots of prayers.

And that’s how my journey in Korea started……………